We built Tackling Transition to be the go-to resource for helping athletes transition out of sport in the healthiest way possible.

If the course has helped you structure your thinking, become more self-aware and feel empowered to take it from here then fantastic, we’re delighted to have helped.

That said, everyone is different, and sometimes it might take a bit more focused, tailored work to unpick a more complex or nuanced situation arising from a sporting retirement or significant change in your life.

Equally, because we see the enormous potential athletes have to add huge value to other people, businesses and society once their career is over, we want to make sure clinical care is available and easy to access for whatever reason – even if this is outside of the core mission of this course.

As such, Dr Griffiths has created a custom rate card for people enrolled on Tackling Transition. If you feel you would benefit from additional or more in-depth support, make an enquiry today and we will set up a call to walk through how this might look.

Tackling Transition preferential rate

£120 £100/session

  • 18% discount on standard clinical rate
  • 1:1 appointments of 60 minutes
  • A confidential space to support you
  • Evidence-based clinical support
  • Tailored to your needs, whatever they are
  • Flexible to fit with your lifestyle