Welcome to Tackling Transition

A unique, practical and clinically-underpinned resource that empowers professional athletes to take control of their transition out of sport and equips them with the psychological tools that will unlock their potential.

Course overview

Tackling Transition exists because while preparing for life after sport is becoming a more prominent topic, there remains a lack of specific, tangible advice on how an athlete can psychologically ready themselves ahead of, during or after their transition away from sport.

The course is the brainchild of an ex-professional rugby player-turned CEO and his Clinical Psychologist sister who saw this gap in provision as an opportunity to turn their real-world lived experiences and clinical qualifications into a force for good that ensures these highly capable, resilient and self-motivated individuals have the tools they need to bring the many transferrable skills sport will have given them to the world of business and beyond.

The Transition Matrix

The ideal world scenario for any athlete is to be in the top right hand corner of the Transition Matrix when it comes to their retirement.

That is to say they have both fully planned their transition out of their sport, and have been in control of the decision making process.

The reality is the vertical axis is an uncontrollable, and what Tackling Transition does is help equip athletes with the ability to deal with this concept, while also helping them structure their thinking to achieve clarity on their planning.

Your Transition Blueprint

Underpinned by Clinical Psychology

7 core modules

Underpinned by both real-world experience of transitioning from full-time sport to business, and clinically proven therapeutic models

Deep-dive content

In-depth discussion content designed to share experience, provoke thought and provide crucial context for practical next steps

Practical tasks

16 guided exercises from a clinical psychologist that facilitate self-exploration, and give you tangible outcomes that empower you on your journey

Meet Geoff Griffiths

Geoff is CEO of Builtvisible – one of the most highly respected organic digital marketing agencies in the world.

His management philosophy and approach to building high performing teams is inspired directly by his experiences from a 15-year professional and semi-professional rugby career that culminated in a managed transition out of the game as he juggled playing rugby with building a career.

Tackling Transition is a passion project underpinned by Geoff’s belief in the enormous value athletes can add to organisations in any sector, and his frustrations at the lack of structured, actionable support currently integrated within sports administration.

Meet Dr Nicola Griffiths

Dr Nicola Griffiths is a Clinical Psychologist with extensive experience working across the NHS, private practice, charities and corporate environments.

From clinical placements with military veterans to working with people with brain injuries, Nicola is passionate about helping people navigate major changes in their lives, and uses an integrated approach across a wide range of therapeutic models to help people unlock their potential.

Nicola’s role within Tackling Transition is to provide the specific, actionable, clinical expertise and experience which is so often missing in sports administration and non-medical resources.

Empower yourself for life after sport, today

What people are saying

Having worked extensively with Geoff in both a rugby and corporate capacity, I can think of no one better placed to deliver brilliant, actionable advice on making life after sport a big success.
Mike Friday
USA Rugby 7s Head Coach
The course is so helpful and worth going through multiple times. Geoff’s personal experiences mixed with Dr Griffiths’ clinical expertise give a well-rounded perspective on the topic. The main lessons are informal but informative while each shorter segment is like a mini session with a psychologist. Amazing value!
Ben Mercer
Author and content creator, former pro rugby player
The format of in-depth discussions followed by focused exercises is great. The activities themselves have really stuck with me and I have genuinely incorporated the outcomes into my everyday life as I continue to move away from my sporting career.
George Oram
Former pro rugby player
I know first-hand the value of taking control, and using skills developed in sport to build a successful second career. This is a fantastic resource that empowers others to do the same, wherever they are on the journey.
James Waterhouse
BBC News Ukraine Correspondent, former pro rugby player

Harness the power of your athletic career

The Tackling Transition course

  • 6+ hours of content worth over £1,000
  • 7 core modules
  • 16 guided self-explorations with a Clinical Psychologist
  • Downloadable templates for self-guided exercises
  • Lifetime access to all lessons, files, PDF and videos
  • Access to preferential rates for on-going support


Geoff never made it to the top of the game when it came to rugby, but transitioned seamlessly out of sport and into business by structuring his thinking and taking control of the variables. The way he did this has underpinned his ability to build a world-renowned specialist digital marketing agency.

Nicola is a fully qualified Clinical Psychologist with extensive public and private experience working with people going through major life changes, from people with brain injuries to military veterans.

Clinical Psychologist is a legally protected title, and Clinical Psychology is a highly regulated profession which requires a minimum of 6 years university training (3 years undergraduate at 2:1 or above plus 3 years doctoral training) and typically at least 2-3 years of postgraduate clinical experience before entering the doctorate. Once qualified Clinical Psychologists are required to undertake regular training and CPD and must be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.

Anybody can call themselves a “coach” or a “counsellor” without having to do any formal training, achieve any qualifications or be regulated in any way.


We have designed and structured the course to dovetail as seamlessly as possible with wherever someone is in relation to their sporting retirement. We have also left the open to explore in a non-linear manner to allow you to navigate to what’s most important for you at any point.

Ideally yes, but in all likelihood probably not.

The aim of this course is to help structure and organise your thinking about sporting retirement, and increase your levels of self-awareness and understanding wherever you are on your transition journey. We want to empower you to find your own answers about what happens next.

We do however offer preferential rates and additional support if you would like to continue that journey with us.

We’ve priced the course at a non-prohibitive level to cover production costs, the time we invested in its creation as professionals in our fields and to reinvest into even more impactful activities in this space.

Equally, there is a value perception element, which is that if you are willing to pay, you’ll be more motivated to complete the course and extract maximum value. If we gave it away for free, you could walk away as easily as you signed up.

The course is primarily video-based, with downloadable/printable resource sheets as supporting assets.

There are 7 modules, each with an extended, in-depth discussion digging into real-world examples, relevant clinical models and contextual framing of why the topic in question is so important.

Alongside these main discussions there are a series of guided video exercises with Dr Griffiths along with worksheets and supporting content to ensure you are always working towards a tangible outcome, underpinned by clinical science.